Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Cheryl: Email me luh! :D

A: It's on my previous post!

I: Lol, yeah, it's freaking big and red!
Hahahas. the weather totally suck!
One minute so hot, one minute raining. Argh!
You take care too yah! (:

Gabriella: Hey babe! i ordered via a spree!
Haven't come so i dunno how much leh :D

Michelle: Awww! thank you! I hope i don't
look very floppy or anything, lol.
I love that pair of heels too! But it's gonna spoilt already! ):

MMM: Hellooo, it's taken with the SLR of the
official photographer for the event!
Very nice hor, lol, i want an SLR cam too! But so heavy. -.-

Mandy: So far never, they always pack with
lots of foam peanuts & bubblewrap (:
So no worries!

Tracy: Hey babe! i haven't tried perming,
But def got standard one luh, hahahs
raymond was from monsoon you know!

Olli: At my boyf's place. (:

Name: Yup i know!

Mingy:Hahahas, thank you!
Do lemme know if you can find the place!
Cos i haven't been to that place personally,
Seems like some of the prdts they are selling
there are cheaper than other place!

Jessie: Hahahas, wth.
And WHEN exactly are you coming back?!

Liling: The sebum sliding pact is being discontinued already..
Sliding Pact EX Snow UV Crystal is the replacemement product!


ClaireChang: Seeya tomorrow! :D

Lyne: Yeeeeeah! Dunno dec when luh :x

Z: Really? Is it authetic? Can i have the URL please? (:

Shilin: Really? Is the products there cheaper thou?

Gasp! Shiseido, Ettusais & Za sale!
Anybody going? :D

Today, i went to Jteam's office to audition for
a lawyer role for an english drama.

Nerve wreaking as always, memorizing pages and pages
of scripts were never my forte, with my goldfish memory.. @#$%^&

Guess where i went after the audition ended (FINALLY!)


Here's where my $70 went!

Cabbed over to Expo to the John Little MegaSale alone,
since i'm bored & i've nothing to do after the audition.

I looooove Lorenz chips! Lol, i feel like an obasan..
Fancy raving about chips :x

There was Charles and Keith sale, lingerie, apparels, cosmetics~!
Kinda disappointed. I thought there'll be brands like
Nivea Visage, Neutrogena etc.

There's 40% discount for LOreal, 30% discount for Za,
50% for SugarBaby.

I got Za Deep Cleaning Oil, Za Concealer Perfection,
SugarBaby Pout Plumping Potion Lipgloss,
SugarBaby Sultry Eyes (brow/liner pencil), Eversoft eyegel

Sent leon's jiejie, May to the airport last sunday.
She's going back to Australia, I'm gonna miss you May!
Come back quick next year~

Went for dinner & shopping at town with boyf the other day!

We went to the tiny yummy japanese restaurant @ far east.
We always call it the restaurant "the fierce japanese uncle shop"
Lol, cos he's always very attitude and fierce.

But now like not so nice already leh..
I rmb like 2 years ago we went the soup is super nice/sweet one luh!

We went shopping around and ...
Boyf bought me an early Christmas Present! :D

Seems like this year he's like getting all my presents earlier!
Like our 4th year anniversary he bought the DS lite for me
like 2 months before our anniversary! LOL!

He got me a watch from Skagen, @ Wisma.
Actually wanted to get a watch from Fcuk, Guess,
But i liked this one when i saw it!

i bought a Ralph Lauren perfume, a super-cute strawberry
cup cover from Takashimaya!

Seeeee, very cute right! Very good luh,
Cos like it will stick to the rims of the cup, and if i tip my glass
(which happens very often, i'm such a klutz!)
the water won't spill!

Sayonara, Loves!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Review: Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder/
蓬蓬粉 (50ml)

I've recently received the bottle of Osis Dust It mattifying powder
that i ordered from

It's also well-known as
蓬蓬粉 on 女人我最大.
It truly deserve the name pong pong fen !
I have straight, flat hair.

Everyone is always saying that i'm very lucky to have very good hair,
Good texture, straight. But it's soooo flat!

And i've used lots of volumizing products, and so far,
i've got non of the results promise for instant volumized hair
as promised on these fancy tags of these other products!

Just tap the bottle lightly to sprinkle some of the
powder on the roots of your hair,
You can do that by parting your hair into many section
and sprinkle a little by little.

Scrunch the hair (to spread the powder)

But one thing, the bottle is like super tiny!
You can refer to the picture on top and you'll be able to tell how small it is?
I paid 26SGD in total plus shipping/handling.

Hahahas, when i told boyf it cost me 26SGD he was like,
wtf?! for a tiny bottle of powder?!

Oh but whatever!
Hahahas it's my solution for flat-free hair from now on.

Watch this video to see how it's done!

I did some research and i found out that it's sold in Singapore now!

It's selling at 25SGD per bottle.

Where to buy: Chinatown Swanston Level 2
Direction: Beside OG there's a staircase going up from the "hawker"?
Directly upstairs 2nd floor is Swanston!

Anyway, there's a benefit sales going on soon!
I'm not sure how the prices will be like,
but i heard that benefit's star products like
benetint, dandelion won't be there. -.-

Tsk, i wanna try dandelion lah!

Anyway anyone of you wanna order benefit cosmetics from
It's much much much cheaper online :x
Dandelion is like 60plus in singapore but it's only like 42bucks online.

There's free internation shipping for orders of over 115USD
I have arnd 40USD of orders already,
If you're interested email me with your order at

I was at Ngee Ann City with boyf, shopping today and
we were walking towards takashimaya from the M.A.C store..
And i saw the boxed up area with SEPHORA
and i was soooo excited i dragged boyf over and
they'll be opening during December.

Omg excited, i can't wait!
I wish there'll be not only Sephora brands cosmetics
but brands like Urban Decay, Too faced.
I wanna try the too faced pink leopard bronzer!
The packaging is sooooo cute and pretty luh!

I hope they don't overprice everything.
Bah, then that'll be totally pointless any everyone
will start to order online where it's cheaper again. -.-

Sayonara, Loves! (:


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Jasmine: Ohhhh, eljay LJ eljay LJ! lol, blur me.
You're using livejournal now?

Cheryl: Lol really! Show me her picture! :D

Tracy: Hahahs, how come didnt do anything!

Kiwi: Hahahs, belong to the cat.

MMM: Yes it does! Really deserve the name pong pong fen.
Hahahas, My hair is like damn flat like.. flat flat flat kind.
But just abit of the pong pong fen on the roots and mess it up
abit and my hair really become very pong!

Guest: There is a Majorlica Majorca counter at Ngee Ann city
Check out this entry for a free make over from MM.

Weiling: Hahahs won't one luh! Dion't make too red luh~

Elina: Hahahas, yeees! Damn, why is twilight coming
out on Dec 18 when it's already out in US!
So unfair! hahahs, i told leon i wanna watch
twilight in gold class when it's out.

Fabian: Lol, but i don't think you'll go up to any stranger to
tell them "you turn me off"? Isn't that suppose to be kinda rude?
Or does it not apply to me?

Melissa: Yeaaaah! thank god i'm not the only emo person!

Clarine: Oh! Thanks babe! :D

Angel: Ngee Ann City watson

12345: Nope it isn't but she likes to call herself that. Lol.
Quennie: lol, just don't bother about them!
Hahahas, which product from dhc!

WT: Okay! Next post yah?
Sarah: Hahahs, i got 210.

Hu: Thank you! (:

A!: Thank babe! I got it from Helen, Plaza Singapura. (:

Geraldine: We're the emo kids! :x

Dine: Thank yoooou! :D

Cakee: SGD640. (:

Clare: ahhh, i really wish it'll get published!

Quennie: thanks babe, i'll check it out!

Fiona: Okay dear! I'll check it out! (:

Dweam: You're on my msn already dear! :D

Kingnie: Hahahas, eh, duet song for a guy & girl actually.
Hahahas, yeah i did, leon forced me to read. lol.

Elina: lol, there's never such thing as tag too much!
I wouldn't wanna feel like i'm blogging to the wall!
Thanks, i'll check it out! (:

AndyStorm: Hi there, nice meeting you too!

Missytan: Nope it's not from leon, My grandma gave me the
diamond ring on my birthday last year (:

O type: hahas.. okay..

Christine: Yeah sure. (:

-: huh really meh? use firefox please!

Pass: Hahahahas, i don't wanna go and count luh.
Think the amount will give me a heartattack or sth. hahahas

Philips: Indulge Your Senses Exclusive Blogger Event

Many thanks for the Philips team, Sabrina & Gavin for the invite!

We were suppose to be at Fairmont Hotel lobby at 6pm,
But i got the timing all messed up, so i was late! ):
Took a cab to The Scarlet Hotel directly.

Was told to head to Breeze, at the 4th level.
Luckily i haven't missed out any part of the event even thou i was late!

They were showing us a short clip of Iron Man on two TVs by philips!
One of them was the Philips flat Tv with Perfect Pixel HD Engine.

Then we were asked to split into our groups,
and we were led into on of the suite in the hotel

Sabrina's sister, Vanessa & Me!

The three ladies from Philips who introduced the Philips Micro Hi-Fi System to us!

Featuring bluetooth technology,
The Hi-Fi System lets you enjoy music from your mobile phone
and PC wirelessly.

The audio system even have a built-in mic for hands
free calls and switching between calls and music.

How cool! The ladies from the philips team
even demostrate the hands-free calls function to us.

And the Philips Advanced Acoustics In-ear Headphones
comes with "Comply Canal Tip" Memory foam sleeves,
Which fits your ear perfectly, providing exceptional comfort
and noise isolation.

Then Simon led us to the limo which we're having a "blind sound test"
and we're suppose to guess which one is by philips!

Hehe, can't say that i'm not excited to be ferry around in a limosine!

The interior of the limo

I seriously don't know how those celebs can get
in and out of the limo so glam-ly.
Lol, i knocked my head like 3 times when i was
trying to get out of the limo. :x

Jonathan, Jessica's assistant was in charge of the blind test!

Valerie and meeeee,
It's my 1st time meeting her and she's like constantly so high and funny!

My group in the limo! :D

Then we were led into another room, (our last stop!)
The guys in our group were led into another room where
they were introduced to philips shavers,
etc and were given some styling tips!

Meanwhile, the Loreal team was showing us girls
How to style our hair properly,
And we were introduced to Philips SalonStraight straightener and
SalonCurl Pro Curling iron.

We were told that these straighter/curler from Philips
produce a more long last results because it's able to
reach a temperatire of 210 degrees and it has ceramic plates
which is less damaging in comparison to those straighter/curler
with strainless steel plates

Sabrina is out group's guinea pig!
Hahahas, they curled her hair and she was laughing
and saying that she looked like a poodle. LOL.

Jack from Loreal introduced us to the Infallible Lipcolour,
One stick is the colour lippie/ the other is a lipbalm.
After you apply the lipstick, wait for it to dry,
And go over with the lipbalm, which seals the lipstick.

He even pat the lipstick mark on his cheeks/forehead
and shirt to prove that it's truly "infallible".
He told us they call it "scandal lipstick" in their office,
Cos it's totally untransferable on any surface.

Even when you drink from a cup, the cup won't be
smeared with the lipstick mark at all!

Jack, Esther, Me!
They curled esther's hair! Nice right!

Nadnut, Issac, Esther, Me!

June, Peggy, Sabrina, Pris, Me.

We had a lucky draw, and they were teasing us by
telling us the name of the winner letter by letter!
When they said "A" ... "N"...
Everybody was like oooooh! and pointing at nadnut!

But it's actually andy! Lol.

Nadnut's pouting cos she didnt win the prize!

We were waiting for the limo to come to fetch us back to Fairmont Hotel.
Soooo, we started camwhoring - naturally!

Claire & me!

Tsk, tsk. Camwhoring in the limosine: Claire, Me & nadnut!

We were playing with the champagne glasses in the limo
and peggy was suppose to be the "paparazzi" lol!

And peggy went crazy as usual and did stupid things
like making silly faces at people cos she thought the limo's glass was tinted.
Lol, they the people actually wave back!!

Went for supper with nadnut, esther & issac after the whole event.

Goodie bag from Philips! :D

Press kit, loads of brochure, Philips 2GB Gogear MP3 player,
and loads of hair product/skin care from LOreal.

The MP3 player is really cute and small!

Hair products, Skin care, Infallible lipstick from LOreal.
I gave mummy the day cream and she says it's not bad!

I'm trying out the Derma Genesis Essence concentrate now,
2 drops every morning & every night.


I'm bored and i'm pretty much out of anything to read again,
So i ordered three books from!

A certain slant of light


Pride And Prejudice

And i bought a new pair of heels!

Sayonara loves!
Going to meet boyf after his school ends!